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Introducing THE BIG BAD UGLY Block!  This monster is so massive it has our safety officer say "Whoa!! Get your hard hat"!  Measuring in at the dimensions below, He's no lightweight.. A monsterous beast that surely serves a purpose. Need to hold back some fill? Keep your gravel seperated? Be the talk of the neighborhood? Keep cars from driving on your lawn? ( Tee Hee)  Then this bad boy is for you!!

Approximately 18" High

Approximately 18" Deep

6 Feet long

He weighs in at about 3000 lbs. (Don't worry we deliver!) :0)

A Big Bad Ugly shown above resting on a precast pad which is resting on a Mystic Urn Vault.... Strong Concrete!!!

And if the Big Bad Ugly , is just a little too big, we can make you some Mini Uglies..Approximately half the size.